WRC Kamloops Website 2016


9th World Religions Conference, Kamloops BC
Tackling Radicalization in Faiths
Chapel Alumni Theatre, Clock Tower Building, Thompson Rivers University
900 McGill Road Kamloops, BC. V2C 0C8
3:00 PM – 6:30 PM—–February 21, 2016

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The World Religions Conference (WRC) is an multi-faith event which brings together well-known scholars from the world’s major religions to speak on a common topic from the point of view of their respective religious traditions. For thirty years, the WRC has served as an invaluable forum for different religious and ethnic communities to gather in the spirit of tolerance, peace, cooperation, and understanding. The WRC serves the noble purpose of educating members of the community regarding interesting and relevant topics by providing a platform where all major religions can pool their collective wisdom and teachings regarding the topic. Continually on the rise in terms of organizational standards, quality of content, and attendance, the WRC has become the largest multi-faith event of its kind in Canada.

With its ever-growing profile in the Waterloo Region and Canadian society in general, the WRC has become a central meeting place for religious leaders and their communities. The conference has had the honour of being noted by prominent figures including the Prime Minister of Canada, and the Chief Justice of Canada, in addition to dozens of other local, provincial and national leaders.

With its ever-growing profile in the Waterloo Region and Canadian society in general, the WRC has become a central meeting place for religious leaders and their communities. The conference has had the honour of being noted by prominent figures including the Prime Minister of Canada, and the Chief Justice of Canada, in addition to dozens of other local, provincial and national leaders.

The speakers are specially sought out and invited by the organizing committee to ensure that each faith is represented by a knowledgeable scholar of that particular faith, who does justice to the topic and the religion that he or she represents.

The premier organizer and sponsor of the event is Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada. Cooperation and partnership includes several cities, academic institutions, faith based associations, student clubs and numerous other organizations.

With free admission and lunch, and a great chance to learn and meet others from a multitude of faith and philosophical communities, it is a small step to make this world a more peaceful world to live.



2:55pm Commencement

3:00pm Recitation from The Holy Scripture & Translation

Welcome Remarks of Dignitaries
3:10pm Introductory Remarks
Rizwan Peerzada

Introduction of Moderator
By: Noeman Mirza

Buddhism Perspective
Dr. Warveni Jap

Christianity Perspective
Dr. Chris Montoya

Hindu Faith Perspective
Pandit Prameya Chaitanya

Islam Perspective
Maulana Balal Khokhar

Sikh Faith Perspective
Mr. Gian Singh Kotli

5:20PM Dinner Break

5:50PM Question & Answer Session Question & Answer session

6:20PM Concluding Remarks of Moderator

6:25PM Vote of thanks





CouncillorCouncillor Donovan Cavers
City of Kamloops

As a City Councillor and as an individual, Councillor Cavers participates in a wide range of organizations working on health, sustainability and social justice issues with a particular focus on diversifying our transportation system, increasing local food security and accessibility, and ensuring our community is a healthy, vibrant place for all.
Born in Kamloops, Donovan Grube Cavers is the grandson of the late Trustee Henry Grube, for whom School District No. 73’s Education Centre is named.
Donovan spent his early years on a family farm in Chase, BC and has lived in Kamloops since the age of 11, where he hopes to start a family.
An Honour Student at John Peterson Secondary School, he went on to study in the Culinary Arts program at UCC (now Thompson Rivers University). Donovan is the founder and proud owner of two local businesses, Conscientious Catering and The Cultivated Kitchen.
Councillor Cavers sits on the Tournament Capital Committee, the Parks and Recreation Committee, the Community and Council Services Committee, the Coordinated Enforcement Task Force, the Development Cost Charges Review Committee, the Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel, and is the alternate to the Social Planning Council.
Councillor Cavers is always happy to hear from you and appreciates all ideas on how we can make our city even better.
When he has a few moments of his own, Donovan can be found reading, cycling, hiking, gardening, swimming, running, or cross-country skiing.


Dr-WarveniBuddhism Perspective:
Dr. Warveni  Jap, Ph.D
Warveni Jap is Senior Lecturer in Department of Marketing, International Business & Entrepreneurship at TRU. She is a Member of MBA Committee – Co-Chairperson of Faculty Council International Programs Advisory Committee –Member of TRU Senate International Affairs Committee –Marketing Lead Instructor for Department of Marketing, International Business and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Warveni has DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) in Marketing and International Business with Leadership focus from the University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. MBA Degree from the National Chengchi University, Taipei, TaiwanBA Degree from University of Washington, Seattle, USA.She also has earned some honours and awards.  For example, 2013 TRU President’s Award for Excellence in Internationalization.She is also a sincere and strong believer in Traditional Chinese Buddhism (which is the combination of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism) which has been playing an extremely prominent and dynamic role in Chinese culture, history, and civilization.

Dr-ChristoferChristianity Perspective:
Dr. Christopher P. Montoya, Ph.D
Chris Montoya is a Senior Lecturer at Thompson Rivers University and has been with the institution for over 25 years. Before working for TRU Chris was a stem cell researcher and lecturer at the University of Cambridge England, Downing College. Chris ran Campus Christian Ministries for over 22 years at the TRU North Campus in Williams Lake, and was a member of Gideons an organization that has distributed over 1.5 billion Bibles globally in 191 countries, and in 93 different  languages. Dr. Montoya has also published 2 international peer reviewed papers concerning science and religion.  Chris was recently transferred to the main campus in Kamloops July 2015.


PanditHindu Faith Perspective:
Pandit Premaya Chaitanya

Pandit Prameya Chaitanya is the founder and Acharya of Shree Mahalakshmi Temple, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.He is a teacher and spiritual guide and has been serving the community for the last 35 years.He received training in Theology and in the study of Yoga meditation and Herbal medicine  at a very young age ,under  renowned masters in the Sivananda ashram,also known as Yoga Vedanta Forest Acadamy in Rishikesh and also under Swami Chinmayanandaji and Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. He has endeared himself to the community with his selfless service ,for which he was recognized by the Canadian government with a commemorative award in 1992.He is also a well known figure in  many Interspiritual organizations.

Speaker-5Islamic Perspective: 
Imam Balal Khokhar
Balal Khokhar is a graduate of Jāmi’ah al-Ahmadīyyah, “the Ahmadiyya University”, an International Islamic seminary. He graduated in 2011 and worked as missionary in Ottawa and South West Africa. Since 2013 he has been serving the community as a Missionary in British Columbia. He has a keen interest in comparative religious knowledge, history and Qur’anic sciences. He encourages interfaith dialogue as tool to promote understanding and harmony in communities.


GainSikh Perspective:
Mr. Gian Singh Kotli
Gian Singh Kotli is a dedicated multi-faith activist.  He has a Masters degree in English and Political Science and is also a Law Graduate.  He is a prominent Punjabi poet and writer.  His numerous articles have been published in Punjabi and English newspapers.  He has worked in India, Singapore and Vancouver as an editor, a Principal, and in various other positions.  Gian is actively involved in interfaith and community programs and travelled as far as Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories.