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Baha’i Perspective

Mrs. Charlotte Wenninger


Charlotte Wenninger has been a member of the Baha’i community for over 34 years.  She has served for many years as one of the elected, nine members on the local governing body of the Baha’is of Prince George.  She has served as a chairman of the Interfaith Chaplaincy Committee at UNBC almost since its inception.   She is married and has raised four daughters and now has 7 grandchildren.  She has a keen interest in sharing her religion with others and learning about all aspects of spirituality, especially the science behind spiritual reality.


Buddhism Perspective

Mr. John DeGrace


John DeGrace is a Professional Engineer and Geoscientist with a wide background in the resource sector and many years of experience in post-secondary educational administration.  He has been practicing vipassana meditation in the Theravadin tradition for close to 25 years, studying under some of the foremost western teachers.  He has been a Director of the Buddhist Meditation Society of Northern British Columbia for about the past ten years, and has lectured and taught widely on Buddhism and meditation practice.


Christianity Perspective

The Venerable Peter Zimmer


The Venerable Peter Zimmer grew up in the United States and England before moving to Canada. He holds an MA degree from Oxford University, as well as an M.Div. degree from the Vancouver School of Theology. Before becoming an Anglican priest Mr. Zimmer taught school for several years as well as commercial fishing. He and his wife Lela have lived in Prince George since 1993.


Islamic Perspective:

Maulana Mubarak Nazir

Mubarak Nazir

Mubarak Nazir has served the Community in various continents. A science graduate, Mubarak Nazir has overseen schools established by the Community in Africa. Particularly he has served a number of years in Sierra Leon. As Missionary, Mr. Nazir has served in the Western and Eastern Canada.

An inspiring speaker, Mr. Nazir has represented the Community in the media and several colloquia across Canada. Currently, he was the Principal of the Ahmadiyya Institute of Islamic Studies.Currently serving as National Vice President and Missionary Incharge Canada for Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada.


Dr. Pranesh Kumar, PhD

Hindu Faith Perspective


Dr. Pranesh Kumar was born in a Hindu family of a Northern Indian State of Utter Pardesh. He was keen interest in literature religion, culture, science and its global impact, in particular on human society. He is fascinated by the diversities which he experienced during the vast travels, interactions with people and observing their social, cultural and religious events. Kumar values life in any form and believes in very ancient, preached and practiced Sanskirt saying  “ Vasudhaeva Kutumbukam” meaning the “ Entire world is one family.


Mr. Surjit Singh Minhas

Sikh Faith Perspective


Surjit Singh Minhas was born in India and migrated to Canada in 1972. His educational background includes a degree in Bachelor of Science and Bachelors of Education from Punjab University. Throughout his life Surjit has had keen interest in Sikh doctrine, which eventually led him to complete a two year Sikh missionary course in 1999. He has been living in Prince George for the last 42 years. During this time, Surjit has been very active in his local community, witnessed by his volunteer work at the Sikh Temple, along with donating blood to the Canadian Blood Services 68 times over the past 20 years. During his leisure time, Surjit shares Sikh teachings regularly with the Sikh congregation every Sunday at the local Sikh Temple. Over the years, Surjit has attended many interfaith symposiums and is very fond of interfaith harmony. Surjit has been happily married for the last 38 years, and enjoys spending time with his two adult children and his 3 beautiful grandchildren.