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Dr. Jap Warvani
Dr. Jap Warveni
Buddhist Perspective

Jap Warveni  is Senior Lecturer in Department of Marketing, International Business & Entrepreneurship at TRU. She is a Member of MBA Committee – Co-Chairperson of Faculty Council International Programs Advisory Committee –Member of TRU Senate International Affairs Committee –Marketing Lead Instructor for Department of Marketing, International Business and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Warveni has DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) in Marketing and International Business with Leadership focus from the University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. MBA Degree from the National Chengchi University, Taipei, TaiwanBA Degree from University of Washington, Seattle, USA.She also has earned some honours and awards.  For example, 2013 TRU President’s Award for Excellence in Internationalization.She is also a sincere and strong believer in Traditional Chinese Buddhism (which is the combination of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism) which has been playing an extremely prominent and dynamic role in Chinese culture, history, and civilization.
Alan Vaal
Alan S Vaal
Christianity Perspective

Alan S Vaal was born in London, England in 1948 and was raised in a non-Christian home. He was converted after hearing the Gospel of Christ preached at a missionary conference in1968. Mr. & Mrs. Vaal moved to Canada in 1972. Later he began to prepare for the pastorate and graduated from Victory Baptist Bible College, PA, SK in 1983. He has pastored for over thirty years: one church in urban British Columbia and another in rural Saskatchewan. Also, the Vaals have served three years in Veracruz State, Mexico, preaching in remote riverside areas.  Alan has two children dedicated to the ministry. He is now semi-retired and teaches at Berean Baptist Church, Kamloops. He enjoys reading, travel, sailing and  motorcycling.
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Acharya S. P. Dwivedi
Hindu Faith Perspective

Acharya has three Master digrees: English,Hindi & Pol.Sc. He taught in Indian and Canadian universities. He organized and participated in several national and international interfaith, peace and literary conferences. He has been actively involved, for more than thirty seven years, in interfaith movement in Canada. He is a poet, essayist, literary critic, social activist and journalist. His six books of poems are in circulation and edited two anthologies.  He was invited by UNO in its Millennium Peace Conference­ 2000 in New York and URI Global Summit in Rio. He has beenmhonoured and recognized for his contributions by Government , literary and faith organizations.
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Balal Khokhar
Islam Perspective

Balal Khokhar is a graduate of Jāmi’ah al-Ahmadīyyah, “the Ahmadiyya University”, an International Islamic seminary.  He graduated   in 2011 and worked as missionary in Ottawa and South West Africa.   Since 2013 he has been serving the community as a Missionary in British Columbia.  He has a keen interest in comparative religious knowledge, history and Qur’anic sciences.He encourages interfaith dialogue as tool to promote understanding and harmony in communities.
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Gian Singh Kotli
Sikhism Perspective

Gian Singh Kotli is a dedicated multi-faith activist.  He has a Masters degree in English and Political Science and is also a Law Graduate.  He is a prominent Punjabi poet and writer.  His numerous articles have been published in Punjabi and English newspapers.  He has worked in India, Singapore and Vancouver as an editor, a Principal, and in various other positions.  Gian is actively involved in interfaith and community programs.   
Ivan’s life has been a mosaic of international, multicultural and interreligious exploration. A former consultant with Multiculturalism Canada, eighteen years university administrator and long time international development practitioner, he has experienced many facets of religious influence.Ivan has lived and worked 15 years throughout Hindu Nepal (including within majority Buddhist regions as well) and has sustained collaboration with that country for almost 40 years.He has worked over a year throughout Buddhist Mongolia (and considerably within its Muslim majority region of Bayan-Ulgii as well). He has managed projects with Muslim Malaysia and Indonesia and has continued collaboration with the latter for what is now 18 years.More recently, Ivan worked 3 years full time managing a complex project in the volatile border region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan amongst the majority Pashtun, heading a team of 44 Sunni Pashtun, 5 Shia and 1 Christian staff. He has published on religion and cultural relativism, insurgencies, disaster coordination and human trafficking; edited a manual on Islamic references to social services; and presented at 2 previous World Religions Conferences. Ivan is an Associate of CAPI at the University of Victoria and lectures annually at McGill University.