Moderator – 9th WRC Terrace

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Sasa LogginModerator
Mrs. Saša Loggin

Saša Loggin a community developer in Terrace, Loggin has her head full of ideas on how to build a stronger community and her hands in many local projects that aim to do so. A mother of two young adults, Loggin, 50, has two official jobs. First, she’s the coordinator of Terrace’s Early Years Partnership, promoting the importance of early child development, helping to create a community where children and families are valued, supported, inspired and celebrated by all of us. Loggin is also the Project Director at the Skeena Diversity Society. This non-profit organization’s mission is to make Terrace a more welcoming and inclusive community and to help immigrants settle in their new home community. Skeena Diversity Centre located in downtown Terrace has become a hub of activities which bring people of diverse backgrounds together, building a Terrace family. Born in Czechoslovakia, Loggin who moved to Canada in 1991, understands a life of an immigrant.She believes in the concept of unity in diversity – a balance between individual’s culture, traditions, beliefs and gifts on one hand while providing opportunities to become more open and curious about others and working together. She believes in equality of men and women.