Program – 7th WRC: Whitehorse

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5:00 PM Arrival of guests (Registration, Light Refreshments, Exhibition )

5:15 PM Remembrance of those Suffering (Prayers)

5:25 PM Welcome Remarks by Dignitaries

5:35 PM Intro of WRC Canada & Moderator Hon. Larry Begnell, MP

5:45 PM Keynote Speaker, Mr. Stuart Clark

6:00 PM Aboriginal Speaker, Mrs. Ann Smith

6:15 PM Buddhism Speaker, Mr. Rick Buchan

6:30 PM Christian Perspective, Rev. Beverly Brazier

6:45 PM Islam Perspective, Maulana Syed Taha

7:00 PM Jewish Faith Perspective, Mr. Rick Karp

7:15 PM Dinner

7:45 PM Q/A Session (Moderator to control the session)

8:15 PM Moderator’s vote of thanks

8:25 PM Vote of Thanks

8:30 PM End