Program – 8th WRC: Terrace

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3:55pm Commencement
Recitation from The Holy Scripture
Welcome Remarks of Dignitaries
Welcome Remarks,
Her Worship Carol Leclerc
Mayor City of Terrace
4:15PM Introductory Remarks & Introduction of Moderator
4:25PM Keynote Speaker, Mr. Robin Austin, MLA
Aboriginal Perspective, Mrs. Sharon Bryant (20 min.)
Christianity Perspective, Captain Jim VanderHeyden & Deb VanderHeyden (20 min.)
Islam Perspective, Maulana Taha Syed (20 min.)
Sikh Faith Perspective, Mr. Hargit Singh Bhander (20 min.)
6:05PM Question & Answer Session
6:45PM Concluding Remarks of Moderator
6:55PM Vote of thanks
6:58PM Silence for World Peace
7:00PM Dinner