Program – WRC 2017: Abbotsford

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05:30 PM  Arrival of guests (Registration, Light Refreshments, Exhibition)

06:00 PM  Prayers for Human Suffering

06:10 PM  Welcome Remarks by Dignitaries

Mrs. Kara Bergstrom, M.A. Director of Intercultural Studies Program, Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford

Mrs. Danielle Nazarewich, Administrative Coordinator, Diversity Education, Abbotsford Community Services

Greetings from the City of Abbotsford

06:25 PM  Intro of WRC Canada

06:32 PM  Moderator to introduce of speakers

Christian Perspective, Pastor Chris Price

Hindu Faith Perspective, Mrs. Suman Sharma

Islam Perspective, Maulana Taha Syed

Jewish Faith Perspective, Rabbi Susan Sharmash

Sikh Faith Perspective, Mr. Kulpreet Singh

07:30 PM  Q/A Session Launches (Moderator to control the session)

08:50 PM  Moderato`s vote of thanks

09:30 PM  Silent prayer