Speakers – 7th WRC: Whitehorse

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unnamed (4)Keynote Speaker

Mr. Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark is an internationalist with experience in Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya. In Canada he has assisted refugees to resettle, advocated for refugee-friendly immigration policies and advocated for a Canadian trade policy at the World Trade Organization that favoured smallholder farmers. Stuart trained an engineer and has experience in small scale food processing in developing countries and solid waste management in Canada. Together with living among and learning from Muslims in Bangladesh and Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal, Stuart has led a Christian community in Winnipeg and is the chair of the social justice committee at Whitehorse United Church.


unnamed (4)Aboriginal Perspective
Mrs. Ann Smith
Tutchone and Tlingit Raven’s Tail Weaver

Ann Smith is of Tutchone and Tlingit ancestry. She is a member of the Wolf Clan, and makes her home in Whitehorse, Yukon. Ann’s name is synonymous with the weaving of Raven’s Tail regalia, robes, aprons, and bags. Ann refers to herself as a contemporary weaver whose work is based on traditional knowledge. Smith’s work has gained national and international recognition and has been included in gallery and museum exhibitions all over the world.  Ann was commissioned to weave a piece that was presented to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.


unnamed (6)Buddhism Perspective
Mr. Rick Buchan

Rick Buchan and his family moved to Whitehorse 24 years ago, and since then has carried on his profession as a lawyer and has dedicated his skills volunteering with many community organizations.  As a lawyer, Rick’s principal focus is in dispute resolution, including acting as a mediator, arbitrator and adjudicator.  Having studied various traditions of Eastern philosophy and meditation in the 1970s, Rick trained in practices of yoga, meditation and philosophy, which he was authorized to teach to the public.  In Whitehorse, Rick encountered Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, rekindling his deep interest in studying, contemplating and meditating on its profound principles and practices and integrating these into the daily life of a professional and family person.  As a member and director of Yukon’s Vajra North–Rigdrol Dechen Ling–Society, Rick is among a group of leaders offering weekly mindfulness meditation practices to the public.


unnamed (5)Christian Perspective
The Rt. Rev. Beverly Brazier

Rev. Beverly Brazier is an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada, presently serving Whitehorse United Church ,  I have a passion for pastoral ministry in a rural setting, and for the transformational potential of faith communities. Most recently she completed a six month work exchange with the United and Anglican Churches in Australia, where Rev. Brazier did some research with women in ordained ministry.After high school, She has BA degree from University of Winnipeg and Master degree from Vancouver School of Theology. In 2003, Rev. Brazier earned her Doctor of Congregational Ministry from the Bangor School of Theology, Bangor Maine. she love God with all her heart and thrilled to be in Yukon.


untitled5Islamic Perspective       
Maulana Taha Syed

After Graduating in 2011 from Ahmadiyya Institute of Islamic Studies in Toronto, he has worked as a Missionary in Canada, USA and in Africa for sometime. Currently he is serving as Imam at Baitun Nur Mosque, Calgary. Taha has keen interest in interfaith dialog, he has traveled across Alberta and presented Islamic perspective at various conferences. Taha also likes to spend a lot of his time in the education and training of youth, he regularly holds special sessions for Ahmadiyya youth. He likes Hiking and is active member of Tahir Hiking Club.


unnamed (8)Jewish Faith Perspective
Mr. Rick Karp

Rick Karp was born in Ottawa and went to Carleton University for his undergraduate work before moving to Kingston Ontario to go to Queen’s University for a Degree in Education and during his teaching career he returned to Queen’s to study for a Master’s Degree in Education. Rick and his wife Joy came to Whitehorse in 1985 to open a McDonald’s Franchise. They owned and operated the franchise until 2000 when they sold it and attempted retirement for several months. Retirement was not in the game plan for Rick and his wife. In 2002, they designed and built a hair salon, Hair Sensations, which he and his wife sold in the fall of 2016.  Rick came to the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce in 2004 as its President and has remained in that position since then. Rick is also a founding member of the Jewish Cultural Society of Yukon and is currently its President. He and his wife Joy have two grown children, and two grandchildren, who live in Vancouver B.C.