Speakers – 9th WRC Terrace

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Sharon BryantAboriginal Perspective
Mrs. Sharon Bryant

Sharon is the Laxghibuu Clan of Kitsumkalum; She was born and raised in her father’s community of Lax Kw’alaams and then moved back to my mother’s community of Kitsumkalum in 1998 and received her Laxghibuu name of Liit’aam Laxdaaw Gyibaaw in 1996.  Mr. Bryant is married and they have five (5) children and six (6) grandchildren.


Jim VanHayden (1)Christianity Perspective
Captain Jim VanderHeyden & Deb VanderHeyden

Born in Ontario and raised on the shores of beautiful Georgian Bay where their family still resides. Began to attend The Salvation Army in 2001, entered CFOT (College for Officer Training) in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2005 and were ordained as ministers in 2007. Have lived and Ministered in Quesnel, Fort St John and now in Terrace, BC. We enjoy our work and look forward to the Lord’s plans for our future..

Baxter Huston-1Baha’i Perspective
Baxter Huston

Baxter Huston grew up devoutly believing he would become an Anglican Priest, but on 1 January, 1971 he became a Baha’i which killed that career as there is no priesthood in the Baha’i Faith.  Since then he has been trying , with various degrees of success and failure, to live up to the high spiritual standards Baha’u’llah has set for Mankind.  Today he will try to represent those standards and beliefs. He implores you to recognize and permit his inivitable Human failures.

Tariq AzeemIslamic Perspective
Maulana Taha Syed

After Graduating in 2011 from Ahmadiyya Institute of Islamic Studies in Toronto, he has worked as a Missionary in Canada, USA and in Africa for sometime. Currently he is serving as Imam at Baitun Nur Mosque, Calgary. Taha has keen interest in interfaith dialog, he has traveled across Alberta and presented Islamic perspective at various conferences. Taha also likes to spend a lot of his time in the education and training of youth, he regularly holds special sessions for Ahmadiyya youth. He likes Hiking and is active member of Tahir Hiking Club.


Davinder Sangha (1)Sikh Perspective
Davinder Singh Sangha

He was born in a racially mix family. This experience led him to question his reality. Through the word has written in Jap Ji Sahib by Guru Nanak he came to realize, true living, is the only real form of worship to God. His favorite line from the Gurbani is “œham nehee changae buraa nehee koe, I am not good; no one is bad”. Davinder Singh Sangha is a baptized Sikh and realizes the truth by living his life as Khalsa. Mr. Sangha has two wonderful boys and a beautiful wife, Claudia. He volunteers in the community as a soccer and basketball coach.