Speakers – WRC 2017: Abbotsford

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unnamed (22)Keynote Speaker, 
Mrs. Shirley Wilson, 
Chair School Board Trustee,
Abbotsford District 34

Shirley Wilson is a long time resident of Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

Born in northern BC, Shirley moved to Abbotsford with family in 1983, and attended grade 12 at Abbotsford Senior Secondary for the 1983/84 school year. Officially her grad year is 1985. She attended all iterations of the local post secondary institution: Fraser Valley College, University College of the Fraser Valley, and now University of the Fraser Valley.

During the mid-90’s Shirley and her family chose to make Abbotsford their permanent home. She immediately engaged in community and never looked back. She is divorced with two adult children. Her partner, Larry, is living and working in Washington state.

Shirley, still working on her BA, Adult Ed, works in the not for profit sector, specifically in project management and community and government relations. She works with local, regional, provincial and national leadership to further the success of those organizations dedicated to serving local community.

In 2005 Shirley ran in her first public election to successfully secure a seat on the Board of Education with the Abbotsford School District no. 34. Since then, she has successfully secured a seat in four elections, currently entering her 12th year as an elected official in her community.

Child serving organizations hold a special place for Shirley, and so education is a natural fit. It takes a village to raise a child, and our local district rises to the challenge, putting the student first in decisions made by the Board.

STANDING COMMITTEES – Finance & Facilities (Chair), Education
EXTERNAL COMMITTEES – Abbotsford Community Foundation Awards
PROVINCIAL COMMITTEES – BCSTA Provincial Council Rep, BCSTA Fraser Valley Branch – BCPSEA Rep, and BCPSEA School District & Government Advisory Committee
LIAISON SCHOOLS – Abbotsford Traditional Secondary, Abbotsford Virtual School, Eugene Reimer Middle School, Bradner Elementary, Dr. Roberta L. Bondar Elementary and Ten-Broeck Elementary


unnamed (20)Christian Perspective, 
Pastor Chris Price

Chris Price, former graduate of Columbia Bible College, is the lead pastor at Calvary Baptist church and the author of 2 books:Suffering with God and Radical Hope, both published by Apologetics Canada. He lives in Port Coquitlam, B.C. with his beautiful wife Diandra and his two children Kaeden and Mila



unnamed (19)Mrs. Suman Sharma, 
Hindu Faith Perspective

Suman Sharma was born in India, U.P. She graduated with M.A. in music and Sanskrit and B.ED Agra University. She was appeared many talk shows on T.V. and radio in India and she is actively part of many talk shows in Canada.  She is own music studio known as Suman Sargam Music School. Many children and adults learn to play Indian Instruments and sing for school. Mr. Sharma is also poet and many of her poetries published in magazines in Canada and back in India.


unnamed (18)Maulana Taha Syed, 
Islam  Perspective

After Graduating in 2011 from Ahmadiyya Institute of Islamic Studies in Toronto, he has worked as a Missionary in Canada, USA and in Africa for sometime. Currently he is serving as Imam at Baitun Nur Mosque, Calgary. Taha has keen interest in interfaith dialog, he has traveled across Alberta and presented Islamic perspective at various conferences. Taha also likes to spend a lot of his time in the education and training of youth, he regularly holds special sessions for Ahmadiyya youth. He likes Hiking and is active member of Tahir Hiking Club


unnamed (16)Jewish Faith Perspective, 
Rabbi Susan Shamash

Rabbi Susan Shamash was ordained as a rabbi by ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal in January 2017.  She holds her BA (Hon) from the University of Alberta and an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) from the University of British Columbia.  As a lawyer and administrative law judge for thirty years, Susan specialized in workers’ compensation and administrative law.  Beginning her practice as a workers’ advisor, Susan subsequently served the people of British Columbia as Vice Chair, Registrar and Tribunal Counsel of the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal and its predecessor Review Board.  Susan has been an active member Or Shalom Synagogue, affiliated with the ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, where she is a regular davenen’ (prayer) leader on Shabbat (the Sabbath), the Festivals and the High Holy Days and teaches a monthly Talmud class.  She has also served Or Shalom in a variety of organization capacities including Co-Chair, Treasurer, Rabbi Search, Governance, and Publicity.  She is a happily retired lawyer who lives with her husband Yom-Tov and dog Dulce in Vancouver, British Columbia.


unnamed (17)Sikh Faith Perspective, 
Kulpreet Singh

Kulpreet Singh has been involved in serving and spreading the Sikh faith for the past 18+ years. He is the founder of the South Asian Mental Health Alliance (SAMHAA), an organization creating awareness and providing resources to those affected by mental illness. Kulpreet Singh also volunteers with a number of Sikh based Academies, being involved with several initiatives from the grass roots level to outreach programs. He hopes to continue learning and spreading the beautiful teachings of the Sikh Gurus.